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Vibrant Light Healing

Helping you find your inner light 

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Our reality is comprised of our thoughts beliefs and mindset. We are the creators of our reality. A belief is just a thought you have had over and over again. By utilizing different tools you can change your beliefs, control your thoughts and change your mindset to bring about results you want in your life. I work with my clients in hypnosis and other strategies. I provide tools to practice on your own to reinforce the work we do together. If you are ready to commit to taking charge of your mind and your life, book a free consultation with me today.


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Mastermind level 1 workshop

COnnect with your inner child workshop
Sunday, June 2 1:00pm- 3:00PM

 We have all been influenced by our environments, the people around us and events that took place in our lives. We were especially influenced by our parents and caregivers. We have been conditioned since childhood to "be" or "not be" a certain way and therefore we suppress how we really feel and we lose touch who we really are. Because we are so accustomed to operating our lives this way, many suffer from general unhappiness, anxiety or even depression. We have relationship problems with ourselves, our partners and our own children. Connecting with the child you once were (and who still lives inside you) can help heal many aspects of your life that are affecting you today. In this beginner level workshop, we will connect with each of our own inner child, get to know them a better and discuss strategies to bring awareness to when our child takes control of our actions and how to manage this. Join me in connecting with him/ her and begin your healing process!