About Misty

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Misty is passionate about helping you become your best self. She uses self-awareness, mindfulness, compassion, and good old-fashioned hard work to help her clients overcome limiting beliefs.

After overcoming an upbringing riddled with abuse, Misty went on to earn a degree in Psychology. She's gone on to become a Board Certified Hypnotherapist, an Ordained Minister, a Reiki Practitioner, and a Birth Doula. Misty has learned to overcome adversity, break the cycle of abuse, and reconnect with her true self. She uses an array of techniques to guide people on their healing paths while utilizing her intuition and inner guidance system.

Misty's clients benefit greatly from her compassionate, yet direct coaching style. Working with Misty is like working with a trusted friend and confidant. She not only connects with you on a meaningful level, but she ushers you to a greater understanding of yourself and your life purpose.

A note from Misty

After realizing my own life’s past traumas changed me into someone who was disconnected and very unhappy I knew in order to live a fulfilled life, I needed to heal my deep wounds. I tried traditional therapy on and off throughout my  life and it helped a little but I knew I had to do more work on myself . That meant changing the way I lived my life, the way I spoke, the information I consumed, my thoughts, and my daily habits. It can be a confusing and isolating time in a person’s life. I still work on myself and learn new things every day. It is an ongoing process.
 I  am passionate about helping others on their personal healing; helping other people learn how to help themselves. The best and most efficient help is when we are guided on our own path of healing. I began helping people with hypnosis. While in the state of hypnosis, our subconscious mind is able to come forward and help illuminate root causes of our problems. By learning why these problems are presenting themselves in our life, we can make the necessary changes on our own. 

I have been guided to develop workshops to additionally assist others find their inner light. Many situations during our lives cause us to disconnect with who we really are deep down inside. By connecting with yourself, you can begin to live with true joy in life and feel better about who you are. This positivity and connection will blend into your personal relationships as well. I will be hosting various workshops I feel would be beneficial. 

Another passion of mine is pregnancy, childbirth and supporting women and families during that very special time. See my "Birth Support" tab for more information.

To learn more about me and my journey of healing, I invite you to read my blog.

It would be my true honor to assist you in your healing journey!

Blessings to you,