Appointment Types


Back to the Roots with Hypnotherapy

$100 • 1 HOUR

Identify the root cause of your problem and start the healing process. Using regression techniques, we will go back in time to identify the root cause of this feeling whether it is a fear, unwanted habit, or a life/ relationship pattern you want to break. Finding the root cause of the issue will make it easier to begin this healing process.

Connect with your Higher-Self

$150 • 1.5 HOURS

If you would like to form a deeper connection with yourself and be more in tune with your higher-self/ spirit then this is the session for you. Using the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis we will go on a journey together to connect with your higher-self and see where it takes us. This session is for those who are regular meditators and/or experienced with my hypnotherapy sessions.

The Path to Personal Freedom Program

$150 • 1.5 HOURS• Start up cost for Materials $35• 15% purchase of 4 or more session bundle

Do you suffer from a constant negative dialogue in your head? Do you suffer from unhappiness with your relationships, loneliness, anxiety and are ready to commit to changing your life? If so, this program is for you. You will be given simple short materials to read and reflect on and we will meet for 90 minutes (as often as you want/ need) to go over your experiences, realizations about the material and personal goals. I will create a tailored hypnotherapy session for each meeting to accompany you on achieving your new mindset and goals.


Inner Child Connection & Healing Session

$100• 1 HOUR

We have all been influenced by our environments, the people around us and events that took place in our lives. We were especially influenced by our parents, teachers and caregivers. We have been conditioned since childhood to "be" or "not be" a certain way and therefore we suppress how we really feel and who we really are. Connecting with the child you once were (and who still lives inside you) can help heal many aspects of your life that are affecting you today. This can be especially helpful for those who grew up feeling dis-empowered or who were abused.

Become a Non-Smoker

$275 • up to 3 1 HOUR Sessions

Hypnotherapy has been an effective way to kick smoking for decades. If you are ready to commit to becoming a non-smoker this package is for you.


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