Past Life Regression

Some people seek Past Life Regression (PLR) to experience spiritual growth. You can use PLR to gain a deeper understanding of why you think, feel and behave the way you do. Some people use it to recognize and eliminate a fear, phobia or a behavior pattern they haven't been able to explain. Maybe you feel that something is missing from your life. Past life regression can help you pinpoint answers to why you are having fears or struggles and how to overcome them. It can give you an opportunity to understand challenges that you may have faced in previous lives and the means to finally heal or eliminate them in this life. It can help you tap into talents you may have had in previous lives so that you can possibly tap into them today. PLR can also help you identify souls that you were previously connected to, enabling you to understand why some people have a significant impact on you in this life whether in a positive or negative way. You may also be able to identify those souls who have incarnated with you over and over again, giving a whole new meaning to the word soul-mate. A past life regression can also provide you with an opportunity to clear, heal, and release karmic patterns that are no longer serving your higher purpose. The information that you receive in a past life regression is entirely self-generated. 



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